Civil Society and Peace: A Joint Israeli-Palestinian Strategy

CITpax, in collaboration with the Arik Institute, sponsored a poll of Palestinians and Israelis, which highlighted their respective perceptions about the consequences of the conflict and the possibilities for resolution. This poll, the results of which were presented in Madrid, is the first initiative from a group of representatives of Palestinian and Israeli civil society. The aim was to create a common platform for the promotion of peace. This platform allowed civil organisations on both sides of the conflict to exchange peace and develop common strategies.

The War against Terrorism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The panel was developed within the framework of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security ( organised by the Club de Madrid. Beginning with the high degree of instability that the Arab-Israeli conflict has caused  in the Middle East, panellists discussed the impact of the war against terrorism on this conflict and, in particular, they questioned the possibility that the war against terror could be a catalyst for renewing peace prospects in the Middle East. Panellists discussed the impact of the war against terrorism on this conflict.Th Read more...


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